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COMPARATIVE TEXUAL ANALYSIS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Relative TEXUAL ANALYSIS - Essay Example This paper thoroughly analyzes Mother Tongue by Amy Tan and The Misery of Silence by Maxine Kingston regarding procedures and the utilization of complex gadgets that incorporate reiteration, humor, embodiment, incongruity, back shadowing, narrating, depiction, illustrations, setting and generalization. Amy Tan has utilized numerous explanatory gadgets to stress the fundamental topic of her story, which are social contrasts. First she utilizes redundancy and this can be seen where she says, â€Å"And I use them all-all the Englishes I grew up with†¦Recently, I was made acutely mindful of the various Englishes I do utilize (Tan 78). This accentuates the point that the English utilized by her mom and the English utilized by local people are various ones. This shows the social contrasts among settlers and local people. Direct discourse, true tone, The other expository gadget is representation. This is unmistakably found in the expression, â€Å"the convergence of memory upon imagi nation† (Tan 79). This again underlines the distinctive English she talks, one that is local and the other broken, as utilized by her mom. Amy Tan additionally utilizes stories, for example, â€Å"At this point in the story† (from passage five and on) (Tan 77). This is utilized to pull the consideration of the peruser and keep up it as she clarifies the distinction of the impacts of the dialects she is presented to. Both Mother Tongue by Amy Tan and The Misery of Silence by Maxine Kingston have utilized funniness that comes through language. In Mother Tongue, Amy Tan’s mother talks in broken English since she doesn't comprehend the entire English language since she is a worker. Tan’s mother talks openly in light of the fact that she feels that her English is acceptable. In any case, when she understands that her English isn't acceptable she lets her little girl do the chatting on the telephone rather than her. This is amusing. The Misery of Silence present s Maxine’s trouble in communicating in English when she moved to America. In the initial three years in America, she didn't talk by any stretch of the imagination. The amusingness is unmistakably brought out when Maxine and her sister recounted the exercise before the class. They presented as though they needed to cry however went on until they completed the recitation (Kingston 209). Maxine Kingston likewise utilizes a few expository gadgets. To start with, Kingston has utilized back shadowing. For instance, this is seen where she begins the portrayal and she says, â€Å"When I went to kindergarten and needed to communicate in English just because, I became silent† (Kingston 208). This encourages her to portray her story and help the peruser comprehend the encounters she experienced when she was a youngster. The back-shadowing enables the crowd to relate to the encounters that she went through. Maxine likewise utilizes generalization where she says, â€Å"My quietnes s was thickest - absolute - during the three years that I secured my school works of art with dark paint† (Kingston 209). She generalizes the quiet to cause the crowd to feel the quality that the quietness had and its degree. Maxine additionally utilizes direct discourse in the story. This is seen where she incorporates her father’s reaction to the photos, by saying, â€Å"The guardians and instructors of hoodlums were executed†, said my dad. This demonstrates the degree to which she was hazardous both to educators and to guardians. Maxine has additionally utilized a likeness where she says, â€Å"was a pendant toe mark, as spiked metal, on the map† (Kingston 209). This is intended to accentuate the way that the Japanese children were egotistical. In native language, Amy Tan

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Midterm report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Midterm report - Essay Example The most significant in the book is the points it addresses; it is treasury of life in the USA since it follows nearby comprehension of essential human qualities and necessities individuals face in their lives. Every story in the book is an autonomous paper with created story line and its characters. Out of the considerable number of stories, Im Jumping Off the Bridge by Kevin Sampsell is exceptionally extraordinary. Described in the main individual, it recounts to an account of a man who persuades other man not to end it all. The guardian angel, be that as it may, is caught by self-destructive considerations and he needs to endure a late evening battling with his inward debates to settle on the choice to live or not to live.  The other story, Confessions of an Ex-Mormon by Walter Kirn addresses the issue of religion and conviction. It follows the storyteller on his way from and back to Mormonism, indicating how troublesome it tends to be to discover conviction inside one’s heart. In His Last Game, Brian Doyle figures out how to render undetectable association between two siblings who are now grown up, however they keep their internal kids alive gratitude to one another.  Oth er stories, likewise written in the primary individual, manage financial aspects, governmental issues, connections, inward battles, want to live, perspective and numerous other essential things individuals can discover fascinating in writing. This assortment of expositions reflects current estimations of individuals in America. On the off chance that one needs to have a brief look in American culture and personality, these accounts in their focus completely speak to this concealed information. They are not very philosophical or complex; a large portion of them are written as far as common every day existence with a similar normal issues. These accounts don't offer answers for worldwide issues of more prominent holes between the rich and poor or solution for deadly infections. They offer a new look, another perspective and thoughts to consider later on. They instruct individuals to acknowledge what they have at this very moment and love their nearest individuals. They show that

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In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Free Essays

The Scarlet Letter, different characters show penance for what they esteem. The demonstration of penance is seen regularly in the book, particularly with Hester, Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth, alongside their associations with one another. The story starts with Hester Prynne with her little girl Pearl and a red letter â€Å"A† on her bosom. We will compose a custom paper test on In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now Roger Chillingworth, a specialist and Hester’s spouse, comes to town and learns of Hester engaging in extramarital relations while he was away in England. As she is openly disgraced for not uncovering the personality of her darling, Chillingworth is currently plan on vengeance against that man. A long time later, Hester is still avoided as she gets a new line of work in needle-working and Pearl develops to be an underhanded youngster. In the wake of discovering that city authorities intend to remove Pearl, Hester calls upon Arthur Dimmesdale, a fragile, youthful pastor to persuade them in any case. Chillingworth takes intrigue, and moves in with him as Dimmesdale’s individual doctor, and starts to get into his character. As the minister’s condition turns out to be progressively more terrible, Hester meets with him and chooses to flee to Europe where they can begin once again and live as a family with Pearl. Upon the arrival of the takeoff, Dimmesdale conveys a last discourse and admits to his undertaking with Hester, at that point kicks the bucket. Chillingworth bites the dust a year later, Hester returns years after the fact, and Pearl is hitched to a blue-blood with a family. The demonstration of penance is clear in Hester Prynne with her continuance of open shamings and being a cultural untouchable to shield the honesty of Arthur Dimmesdale. Prynne felt that â€Å"the penance of the clergyman’s great name, and passing itself† (Hawthorne 174) would have been exceptional than lying about the personality of Chillingworth and Dimmesdale. In any case, Hester decided to spare the minister’s notoriety and thus, was mortified and segregated from society. In any case, this decision would in the long run cause anguish and languishing over Dimmesdale and later, his passing. The storyteller likewise states everybody â€Å"had disapproved of her,â€for seven long years had it disliked this desolate woman,â€and still she bore it all† (175-176). Hester’s penance is clarified as she bears the red letter and turns into an untouchable for seven long years. She is continually disgraced as observed by her open mortification, and neither her or Pearl can carry on with a typical life thus. Following quite a while of living this way, Hester acknowledges what she sees as her misstep, and goes to meet with Chillingworth and Dimmesdale to settle their perplexing circumstance. All through the content, Roger Chillingworth has likewise yielded a lot, to be specific his previous lifestyle as a researcher so as to order retribution. Hester sees that Chillingworth’s â€Å"aspect of a scholarly and diligent man† had vanished and was supplanted with a â€Å"blackness†¦ a glare of red light out of his eyes, as though the old man’s soul were on fire† (153). The doctor’s old, insightful character has evaporated because of his plan of vengeance soon after showing up around. Hungry for vengeance, he went after Dimmesdale and torment him by investigating his insider facts, and exploring his character. Chillingworth’s disdain would go him to be a cold and merciless man, being viewed as â€Å"transforming himself into a Devil, in the event that he will just, for a sensible space of time, embrace a Devil’s office† (153). Chillingworth adhered to the pastor nearly to the point of fixation, disentangling and tormenting him to such a degree, his work is contrasted with that of the Devil. Roger had relinquished his old character and life, to the point of taking on another personality, that the main worth he found in life was rendering retribution on Dimmesdale. By seeking after his fantasy of retaliation , Chillingworth drives both himself and Dimmesdale to the edge of franticness, in the end twisting his own spirit and prompting the minister’s demonstration of beating before causing both their demises. Arthur Dimmesdale additionally shows penance, most remarkably close to the finish of the content, by admitting and surrendering his religious situation to remain with his family for the first and last time. As the clergyman remains on the framework, he shouts to Hester and Pearl, expressing that he will do what he â€Å"withheld [himself] from completing seven years ago† (226) and for Hester to â€Å"support [him] up there scaffold† (226). In his last hour, Arthur chooses to forfeit his virtuous appearance to the town so as to apologize to everybody of his transgression. The clergyman understands his situation with his family after his experience with Hester in the backwoods, and surrenders his life as an evangelist. Chillingworth attempts to beg his casualty and asks â€Å"Do not darken your popularity, and die in dishonor!† (225) and urgently asks â€Å"Would you welcome shame on your holy profession?† (225). Chillingworth endeavors to prevent the clergyman from admitting are pointless as Dimmesdale knows precisely what he’s offering up to be with his family. The townspeople can't concur of what they saw that day, yet Dimmesdale and his penance permits the townspeople to understand that anybody can be corrupt, later imparting a grave to Hester with a red letter on the gravestone. Step by step instructions to refer to In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, Papers

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Entrepreneurial Difficulties in Bangladesh - 1181 Words

5/4/2013 5/4/2013 NAFIS IRTIZA, 1030711530 mGT 368, SECTION#2, NSU NAFIS IRTIZA, 1030711530 mGT 368, SECTION#2, NSU ASSIGNMENT ENTREPRENEURIAL DIFFICULTIES IN BANGLADESH ASSIGNMENT ENTREPRENEURIAL DIFFICULTIES IN BANGLADESH ABSTRACT Bangladesh is a developing nation with a lot of constraints and difficulties for entrepreneurs. One of the primary difficulties that entrepreneurs face is raising capital. Finding out what types of difficulties entrepreneurs face in raising capital, and how the government and private sector can help to eliminate them, is the subject of this report. This report is an attempt to critically evaluate and review the current problems of acquiring for entrepreneurs. The government itself has not shown†¦show more content†¦A venture firm could help facilitate that, it could act as an intermediary for both the entrepreneur and the investors. Another absence is that of private equity firms in Bangladesh. A private equity firm an investment manager that makes investments in the private equity of operating companies through a variety of loosely affiliated investment strategies including leveraged buyout, venture capital, and growth capital. This firm only invests in private firms by pooling resources in return for management fees and share in profits. Then we do not have any angel investors, which may be hoping for too much in this nation. Angel investors invest in a business in return for controlling ownership or convertible loan, they usually keep themselves anonymous to the entrepreneur. They are usually retired entrepreneurs or executives. Their purpose is never completely monetary, they like to keep themselves occupied in the current business scene, or guide new entrepreneurs or apply their experience in the new businesses. One may put it in the Self-Actualization part of Maslow’s Hierarchy theory. There are no government loan programs to support these entrepreneurial startups. If any organization could afford to take on high risk ventures then it is the government. But sadly the government takes no such initiative. The Solutions The first actor that needs to take actions is the government. It needs to make policies and provide opportunities. One policy it can make is that itShow MoreRelatedThe dream of owning and successfully running a business is restricted by significant barriers for1900 Words   |  8 Pagesattempt to move out of the poverty cycle is to have sufficient funds to invest in tomorrow. According to Tazul Islam the aforementioned difficulty is even larger when the individual does not have any land to produce goods on, especially within an agrarian society (such as Bangladesh). The author further indicates that the development programs that are run by the Bangladesh seldom reach the poorest individuals, most often being the citizens that have little or no land of their own. However, the group ofRead MoreWomen Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh: a Case Study on Boutique Business10735 Words   |  43 Pageseconomy is impossible. Sectors like boutique are really doing a lucrative job for women entrepre neurs. Many women’s are engaged with this business and get success and make their own identity as a successful entrepreneur. 1.2 Problem definition: In Bangladesh there is little research about women entrepreneurship. What are the motives, inspirations and prospects of women entrepreneurship is not defined clearly. The characteristics of the women entrepreneurship are not discovered fully. These factors areRead MoreThe Fight Against Poverty Around The World1394 Words   |  6 Pagesenterprises with social responsibility around the world receive support from the non-profit organizations, foundations, governments, and individuals. However, despite the fact that the benefits of social entrepreneurship are clear to many, there are many difficulties with its development. There is still not reached a consensus on what â€Å"social enterprise† is and who can be called a social entrepreneur. Some believe that the term â€Å"social entrepreneur† must refer only to the founding organizations, the main sourceRead MoreProblems and Prospects of Smes in Bd3280 Words   |  14 PagesProblems and Prospects of Small and Medium Ent erprises (SMEs) sector in Bangladesh Abstract: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been recognized as one of the important means for providing better economic opportunities for the people of least developing countries like Bangladesh. The objective of this paper is to portray the present picture and provide some recommendations of SMEs sector in Bangladesh. The study was based on secondary data e.g. published journals research articles. FinancialRead MoreHow Can An Ledc Sustain Its Business Endeavours In A Morally1502 Words   |  7 PagesHow can an LEDC sustain its business endeavours in a morally ethical way? This essay will examine the moral ethical principles of an LEDC and the perspective its entrepreneurial endeavours and the difficulties in applying sustainable and ethical business practices. An LEDC is an abbreviation for (less economically developed country. An LED is a country that lacks in financial resources that makes it a struggle in any sustainable economic growth. The backbone of an LEDC relies on its agriculture andRead MoreEntrepreneur-Case Study2891 Words   |  12 Pagestaken to create organization | |1991 |Bygrave Hofer |Characteristics of the entrepreneurial | | | |process | Considering the recent surge in entrepreneurial ventures and ever-increasing inclination towards the phenomena at micro as well as macro level, from giant corporate house to a street vendor theRead MoreChallenges of Women Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh6227 Words   |  25 PagesChallenges of Women Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh Despite all their family and social problems, women have struggled hard to achieve their own identity. Women from all classes of Bangladesh want to stand up before everyone in their own right and not as someones daughter or wife. Women can be a very caring homemaker, but at the same time she can prove to be a highly skilled Entrepreneur, an efficient employee, an administrator if they choose to be. Realizing that the advancement of women can not beRead MoreEfficient Market Hypothesis2110 Words   |  9 Pagesrelative conditions of Bangladesh capital market effeciency. Methodology Secondary data and information were used in preparing this seminar paper, and these were collected through teamwork by adopting the following processes: * Visiting the website of followings: Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) Dhaka Chamber of Commerce (DCC) Bangladesh Bank (BB) Monetary Policy Department (MPD), BB * Consulting books from different libraries of: Bangladesh Institute of DevelopmentRead MoreBuilding Social Business8301 Words   |  34 PagesUS$27 of his money to 42 women in the village, who made a profit of BDT 0.50 (US$0.02) each on the loan. Thus Yunus is credited with the idea of microcredit alongside Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan, founder of the Pakistan Academy for Rural Development (now Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development), whom Yunus greatly admired.[22] In December 1976, Yunus finally secured a loan from the government Janata Bank to lend to the poor in Jobra. The institution continued to operate, securing loans from other banks forRead MoreReasons For The United States2018 Words   |  9 Pageswars, poverty, famines or other reasons relative to sexual, political or personal freedom. On the other hand Others leave searching for better education systems and welfare programmes existing in more advanced countries, moreover to work and entrepreneurial opportunities.But there is another distinctive kind of travellers who are simply joining friends and family that have already resettled Financially Secured Future: When we see it from an economist point of view, the picture is quite clear –

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Principles of Finance - 943 Words

FINANCE 3110 (CRN 83872) Principles of Finance Fall 2014 Principles of Finance FINANCE 3110 (CRN 83872) - Fall 2014 School of Business, Middle Georgia State College Tuesday, 5:30 PM-8:00 PM, PSC 248 INSTRUCTOR Dr. Shawn Saeyeul Park Middle Georgia State College School of Business Email: Office: PSC 364 (Phone: 478-471-2886) Office Hours: M,W 10:00 – 11:30 AM; T,Th 10:00 – 11:15 AM; 1:30 – 2:45 PM WRC: M,W 6:45 – 7:45 PM or by appointments Course Website: D2L COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is intended to introduce concepts that will enable students to understand and analyze the financial environment within which managerial decision making takes place. Topics to be addressed include markets and interest rates, risk†¦show more content†¦The MGSC Withdrawal Form, is available online or in the Office of the Registrar. FINANCE 3110 (CRN 83872) Principles of Finance Fall 2014 CLASS BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS AND CONSEQUENCES FOR VIOLATIONS This class calls for you to use common courtesy in all interactions with your peers and the instructor. It requires students to listen to each other respectfully and without interruption. You should approach the instructor in a professional manner, including in all of your email correspondence. Any activity that disrupts classroom activities will result in the student(s) being asked to leave the classroom. These disruptive activities include, but are not limited to,: using a cell phone, bringing children to class, talking during lectures, using a laptop for anything other than taking notes for this class, and making potentially offensive comments. In addition, students who come in late or leave early disturb students and the instructor. The instructor reserves the right to deduct points at her/his discretion from the course grade of any student who persistently participates in disruptive behavior. If the problem becomes chronic, the student(s) will be assigned a grade of F in the course and face other consequences determined by the institution’s administration. POLICY ON ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT As a Middle Georgia State College student and as a student in this class, you areShow MoreRelatedPrinciple of Finance4845 Words   |  20 Pages Principles of Managerial Finance The Prentice Hall Series in Finance Adelman/Marks Entrepreneurial Finance Andersen Global Derivatives: A Strategic Risk Management Perspective Bekaert/Hodrick International Financial Management Berk/DeMarzo Corporate Finance* Berk/DeMarzo Corporate Finance: The Core* Berk/DeMarzo/Harford Fundamentals of Corporate Finance* Boakes Reading and Understanding the Financial Times Brooks Financial Management: Core Concepts* Copeland/Weston/Shastri Read MoreThe Principles Of Public Finance828 Words   |  4 Pagesof fraudulent transaction to the entity that is least prepared to support the EMV technology (How EMV, 2016). In reviewing the impact of this shift there are several principles of public finance that come into play. We will review three principles and discuss the impact this initiative has on all three. Principle of Public Finance 1 – Market Failure Market failure is defined as â€Å"when the market economy fails to fairly and efficiently allocate all resources, products, money income, and assets toRead MorePrinciples of Finance Notes1456 Words   |  6 PagesPrinciples of Finance Notes Theory Questions Explain why the NPV approach is preferred to the IRR approach (2006) The NPV approach takes into account the timing of cash flows and the IRR does not. For example if you took 2 projects that required the same initial outlay and had the same cash inflows for the same period of time but one project was deferred for one year, using the NPV we would have different values but the IRR would give us the same. The NPV approach takes into account the scale ofRead MorePrinciples of Managerial Finance4870 Words   |  20 Pages Principles of Managerial Finance The Prentice Hall Series in Finance Adelman/Marks Entrepreneurial Finance Andersen Global Derivatives: A Strategic Risk Management Perspective Bekaert/Hodrick International Financial Management Berk/DeMarzo Corporate Finance* Berk/DeMarzo Corporate Finance: The Core* Berk/DeMarzo/Harford Fundamentals of Corporate Finance* Boakes Reading and Understanding the Financial Times Brooks Financial Management: Core Concepts* Copeland/Weston/Shastri Read MoreNotes On Principles Of Finance Essay717 Words   |  3 Pages TRIDENT UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL SLP One – The Roll of the Financial Manager Finance 301 – Principles of Finance Write a two to three page paper discussing what you find interesting about this company, and whether or not you think this company will have a successful future. Get to the company s web site, into the investors relations section and provide some financial highlights of your company for the past year. Indicate which stock exchange the company is listed on and what was the past 12Read MorePrinciples of Finance Assignment1422 Words   |  6 PagesAndrew Wolford BYS330 Principles of Finance Week Four Assignment March 4th, 2014 Chapter Ten Study Problem 10-4: (Payback period, NPV, PI, and IRR calculations) You are considering a project with an initial cash outlay of $80,000.00 and expected free cash flows of $20,000.00 at the end of each year for 6 years. The required rate of return for this project is 10 percent. a. What is the project’s payback period? Remember first that payback period is the number of years needed to recover the initialRead MoreThe Principles of Corporate Finance1202 Words   |  5 PagesTHE PRINCIPLES OF CORPORATE FINANCE CHAPTER 1: The time value of money We are going to link the present and the future by using the notion of interest rate that could be called discount rate, required rate of return or cost of capital. Finance is all about cash flows but more precisely about the exact date of the realization of the cash flow. I) PRESENT VALUE Example 1: What is the value today of $110 to be received in one year? - suppose the interest rate , r =10% Read MorePrinciples Of Finance 350 : Investment Principles1473 Words   |  6 Pages FINANCE 350: INVESTMENT PRINCIPLES HEWLETT FOUNDATION â€Æ' William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is a private foundation that give grants and gifts to different programs and addresses different social issues that include education, environment, philanthropy, global development and population, performance art programs, and other special projects. The foundation’s main objective is to help improve the lives of people for the betterment of the society. HF is a nonoperating foundation and relies onRead MorePrinciple of Finance Essay2986 Words   |  12 Pages1 PART A MULTIPLE CHOICE: ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS Answer all questions. Write in your answer book the number of the question and ONE letter. Question 1 Consider a bond with a 10% coupon and with yield to maturity = 8%. If the bond’s yield to maturity remains constant, then in 1 year the bond’s price will be: a. Higher b. Lower c. Unchanged d. Cannot answer based on given information Question 2 The yield to maturity on a bond is: a. Below the coupon rate when the bond sells at a discountRead MorePrinciples of Banking and Finance1898 Words   |  8 Pagesopinion was due to greed. Greed into thinking that the property boom would continue in perpetuity so that the borrowers could cash out more from their current property market valuation, with this cash out in terms of personal loan they could fund or finance their lifestyle be it buying a new property for investment purposes, to flip or for rental. For the luxury in life they choose to enjoy now, spending future money. As the economy slowed, jobs are being taken away from corporation in America to other

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The Integration Of Maslow s Hierarchy Of Needs Essay

This article will discuss the integration of Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs, Gardner Multiple Intelligence Theory, and Bandura s Social Learning Theory and Self-Efficacy in an online learning environment. As facilitators, we must create an online course structure that addresses the needs, intelligences, and motivations of every participant. Adults returning to school after many years do so for a multitude of reasons, with different experiences, diverse educational and cultural backgrounds as well as varying motivational factors. In an online environment, there is no in-person one-on-one time or opportunity to get to know the students personally so it can be difficult for facilitators to understand fully every participant s learning preference, what motivates them or their strengths and weaknesses. Students may become more engaged and embrace the new learning experience if they are given freedom or choices in the learning mode that best matches their personal strengths. Although it woul d be impossible to include all parts of each of the learning theories we have studied, I believe we need to be mindful of including, at least, parts of these theories when creating our course content to ensure all participants have an equal opportunity to be successful in reaching their personal goals. Theory #1 – Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs Created by Abraham H. Maslow (American Psychologist) the Hierarchy of often represented as a pyramid arranges the five levels of needs with theShow MoreRelatedWhy Do We Do What You Do?1508 Words   |  7 Pagesthe determination to work and the willingness to be productive. There are a variety of views on what motivates employees and leads them to their full potential and that has been the concern of theorists and entrepreneurs for the past century like Maslow, Herzberg, Elton Mayo and Fredrick Winslow Taylor. Many theories have been made to understand what affects employees in an organization and how to motivate them. Yet, none of the theories reach the same conclusion (Kanfer, Chen and Pritchard, 2008)Read MoreThe Maslow s Theory Of Nursing878 Words   |  4 Pagesnurse educator using the Maslow s humanistic theory that is best known for identifying the hierarchy of needs which played an important role in human motivation. At the bottom of Maslow s hierarchy are physiological need s, safety needs, the needs of belonging and love, self esteem and at the top of the hierarchy are self-actualization needs (Bastable, S. (2014, p.87). Maslow s hierarchy in relation to my nursing career is meeting with my own physiological and safety needs by fulfilling my knowledgeRead MoreMotivation, As The Causes Of Our Behaviour1644 Words   |  7 Pagesforce which leads to particular action to achieve some aim and fulfil some need. In other words, Chartered Management Institute (cited in Mullins, 2013, p.246) observes that, â€Å"the aim of management is to give people what they really want most from work†. Motivation is a complex subject and traditionally has been cast as an individual phenomenon, because, the uniqueness of each individual is a reflection of different needs, values, attitudes and goals. In that case, Mitchell (1982, p.81) assumes thatRead MoreThe Importance Of Management For Ensuring Success1371 Words   |  6 Pageswork is a group of individual s people that works together in a business Institutions or organisation, and they characterized by integrated skills among themselves, and they have common goals and one purpose, and the reason of setting up a team work is in order to achieve a specific objective or a task requiring a certain coordination and integration among the team members, which can not be achieved individually. Each team member needs to build their knowledge s and abilities information and capabilitiesRead MoreUnderstanding the Concept of Need in Human Society: Motivation and Personality by Abraham Maslow 1397 Words   |  6 PagesAbraham Maslow proposed his psychological theory of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which means that he successively extended the Idea to include observations on people’s characteristic curiosity and not just what motivates them. Many psychological theories about stages in human development are similar to Maslow’s theories (Maslow 1970). To describe the general stages of what motivates humans he used the terms Safety, Love and Belonging, Physiological, Self- Actualization and Esteem. Maslow based hisRead MoreMaslow S Theory Of Motivation And Hierarchy Of Needs2239 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿ Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs Theory Pablo Valdez Liberty University Abstract Abraham Maslow introduced a very simple way of understanding the needs of a person. The Hierarchy of Needs sorts the needs of the lowest and most basic levels to the higher levels. Maslow then arises within their theory of personality, the concept of hierarchy of needs, which needs are structurally organized with varying degrees of power, according to a biological determination given by our genetic makeupRead MoreMaslow s Hierarchy Of Needs Theory Essay1464 Words   |  6 PagesAbraham Maslow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory has made a major impact in education and within classroom management within our schools. Maslow takes on a holistic approach to education and learning. He looks at the entire physical, emotional, social, and intellectual qualities of an individual and how they impact on learning. According to Maslow s hierarchy theory, the work of the classroom teacher is obvious. Before a student s cognitive needs can be met they must first fulfill their basicRead MoreMaslow Model1923 Words   |  8 PagesMaslow s Hierarchy of Needs Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs is an important psychological theory originated by the American psychologist Abraham Maslow. Ref: A Theory of Human Motivation (1943). NEW: Add your comments to the Deepermind Blog Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs 1 Self Actualization Needs (full potential) 2 Esteem Needs (self respect, personal worth, autonomy) 3 Love and Belongingness Needs (love, friendship, comradeship) 4 Safety Needs (security; protection from harm) 5 PhysiologicalRead MoreMy Own Theory Of Personality2164 Words   |  9 Pagescan sometimes become unpredictable, when it comes to personality it can vary between individuals to the point some people may be viewed as abnormal. Personality can be defined as the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual s distinctive character. Each person personality can be a construct of more than one personality or can follow a specific theorist personality all the way through end of life. My own theory of personality is a collaboration with other theorist ideas butRead MoreHumanistic Era Reflection Paper1315 Words   |  6 Pagesand the Social Person Perspective. During the Humanistic Era’s Human Relations Perspective, companies began to be aware of their role in a larger perspective and environment. Managers also began to understand a need to balance social needs of their staff with the economic needs of their company. Behavioral scientists brought attention to the fact that an employee may have a desire for a paycheck, but they also have an equal desire for group inclusion and taking part in the success of a company

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Personal Branding And My Future Plans †

Question: Discuss about the Personal Branding And My Future Plans. Answer: Introduction Personal branding refers to the practice of the people and individualsmarketing themselves and branding their respective careers. It helps entrepreneurs and individuals in establishing a good impression or image in others minds. This helps an individual to recognize the field they are expert in, while establishing their credibility and reputation. An individual can differentiate himself/herself from others, which in turn helps in building self confidence (Khedher, 2014). The report throws light how personal branding helps in developing, refining and deploying ones one personality. It helps in establishing an image of a person by creating a good impression in others minds. It involves the way a person discloses himself/herself and the transparency plays a major role in this (Vallas Cummins, 2015). In this report, I have discussed about myself and my future plans, that is, the profession I want to pursue after my graduation. I have investigated four platforms of social media, that is, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, in order to get an idea about the best one for publishing my profile. Moreover, it includes a brief analysis about my own self and the reasons why business partners or employers would get the right impression about me. My first and foremost plan is to start a costume jewelry business in Sydney. Along with that, I would also like to make my career in personal shopping. Description of Future Job Personal branding helps in managing the impression and reputation to create a good impression in someones mind. It involves self disclosure, therefore, requires transparency and honesty to maintain the credibility. Personal branding helps one to understand himself/herself better, as a result, helps in building ones personality. At times, it can also be called self positioning (Karaduman, 2013). I want to start a business of costume jewelry in Sydney after completing graduation. Different designs of earring, necklaces, pendants and bangles will be manufactured. All the products will have unique designs which will differentiate it from other jewelers of the city, attracting more and more customers. Initially, the size of the jewelry shop would be medium, depending on the capital. The customers will have a wide range of costume jewelry offerings to choose from. They will also have the facility to customize the items based on their choice. Moreover, the design of a shop highly matters in order to attract people. The shop will have colorful lights all over, along with wall arts as I love painting. Along with that, I would also like to become a personal shopper, since I have a great fashion sense. My passion for fashion will help me inspire others to look good and feel best. Every individual have their own sense of style and fashion; and with my strong passion regarding the fashionable products and fashion industry would help me become the best one. I have a great knowledge about products and recent trends, which will surely help me achieve my goals. I have full confidence in leading each and every customers or clients to have their best shopping experience ever. Self Analysis Starting a business is an important career step. The first and foremost step an individual needs to undertake before starting a new business venture is to decide what type of entrepreneur he/she wants to become. It is important to have a clear understanding on the type of business a person hopes to acquire. It can be an independent business or buying a franchise or a corporate enterprise. In my opinion, starting an independent venture is more beneficial, as the business type fits my personal as well as business goals. I would like to become an independent business owner as I dont want to work under someones authority (Ward Yates, 2013). I will have the freedom to change the products, services and business pattern anytime, based on my own personal choices and desires, keeping in mind the fluctuating market conditions. I will have the authority over the investment timings and decisions depending on the capital. Therefore, this will give me the accessibility to expand my business anyti me I want, after doing a detailed homework or research work regarding the background of my business (Nolan, 2015). Moreover, my knack for fashion and products will help me become a successful personal shopper. My great communication skills will help me develop a deep and a long last relationship with my clients. I believe listening to the clients demands and desires is more important than imposing ones own ideas. This will help me understand what they actually want. Therefore, building a strong client base will become easier for me (Renko et al., 2015). Furthermore, I will have certain advantages regarding my lifestyle, since I am a family oriented person. It will be my choice when and where to work, as a result, it will help me spend quality time with my family. I can have a creative freedom and satisfaction by implementing new ideas and skills, while watching the business succeed (Leitch, McMullan Harrison, 2013). Social Networking Profile Digital technology offers ample amount of opportunities for setting up ones personal profile. In the era of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, selfmarketing has become easier and broader. In my opinion, Twitter accounts are more professional; therefore, gaining a fan base in the beginning is difficult. After a thorough investigation of the four social networking sites, I have decided to choose LinkedIn and Instagram to publish my profile, as these are the most suitable ones, according to me. In my LinkedIn profile, I am going to present myself as a hard headed businessman and a voracious entrepreneur. Along with that posting thoughts about leadership skills and qualities weekly, will help me promote myself on a long run (Koryak et al., 2015). First thing that is to be kept in mind is the impression, therefore, selecting a professional profile picture and definitely not some unprofessional selfie, will be impactful. This might require help from some professional photographer, but the results will worth the effort. The headline of the profile will be the job summaries with an impactful title, which will help others, differentiate my job profile from the competitors (Wetsch, 2012). Posts must be strictly based on leadership pieces and thoughts provoking content. In the meantime, I will be able to promote my products, by announcing discounts and offers, upcoming events, contests and others. Publishing regularly will benefit me in several ways by increasing the number of viewers, attracting more and more subscribers, brand recognition and increasing sale revenues (Salpeter, 2013). Usage of professional keywords like entrepreneurship, voracious businessman, leader and others will surely help in enhancing my personalized marketing strategy. This will help me gain some prospective clients over LinkedIn. Maintaining the image will reflect the professionalism and communicate subtle hints regarding my personality and attitude. Moreover, since I have a creative mind I will choose some background images that will contain my organizations brand colors (Dutta, 2012). Similarly, setting up an account on Instagram will benefit me in a huge way. Firstly, I can promote myself as a hard hitting entrepreneur, which will gain me more and more followers. I will present my account with my favorite quotation, Dream big to make your dreams come true. Let us get addicted to bettering ourselves. Huge fan base will help me gain media attention. In my opinion, not all can become a successful entrepreneur, but an entrepreneur can rise from anywhere. Moreover, I can promote my products on Instagram to attract my customers. It will help me sell my products on a global platform (Philbrick Cleveland, 2015). It enables digital marketing, which will help me reach the international customers. Web technology helps in improving the business marketing and reach to the furthest corners. Online purchases would help the business getting international acclamation, it should be tracked and checked whether any customer is facing any kind of problem or not, on a daily basis. Cu stomers can give their feedback also and it will help me regulate their demands and desires (Morgan, 2013). Publishing a clear idea regarding myself, on these two platforms, would help me get right impression of the business partners, non potential employers and my followers. Moreover, after gaining success from these two platforms, I will open my own Facebook page and promote myself as well as my brand. Facebook is widely used and most popular among the teenagers. It will help me gain more followers and self marketing can be done in a huge way. Setting up private groups will be a part of my strategy, to directly connect with my clients (Harris Rae, 2012). Conclusion To conclude, personal branding is more like building a charismatic personality. It is important to think about oneself as a brand. This helps an individual to recognize the field they are expert in, establishing the credibility and reputation, while advancing their career and building self confidence at the same time. It helps in establishing an image of a person by creating a good impression in others minds. Therefore, it involves the way a person discloses himself/herself and the transparency plays a major role in this. Auditing ones online presence helps in keeping track of the followers type and attitude. Having a secured personal website helps in ranking an individuals name on search engines. Moreover, a person should always find new and creative ways to promote himself/herself. He/she must have a control over what he likes shares and comments on the social media, as it plays a big role in shaping his reputation. Hence, in order to create a strong impact on others, individuals should utilize the social networking outlets in order to brand themselves. References Dutta, S. (2012). Whats your personal social media strategy.Harvard business review,88(11), 127-130. Harris, L., Rae, A. (2012). Building a personal brand through social networking.Journal of Business Strategy,32(5), 14-21. Karaduman, ?. (2013). The effect of social media on personal branding efforts of top level executives.Procedia-social and behavioral sciences,99, 465-473. Khedher, M. (2014). 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